Sarsfields GAA Data Protection and Retention Policy

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1. Maintainance of club records:

All electronic data shall only be stored (either on a memory stick or computer) in an encrypted format. All media storage systems shall have the correct and up to date anti-viral software. Electronic records shall only be maintained for the appropriate period. All hard copies of data will be stored in the locked office in the club house. Hard copy records shall only be maintained for the appropriate period. See addendum 1 for types of data that will be stored.

2. Retention Period for Data: 


Minutes of Club Meetings:

Membership Forms:

Membership Database:

Complaints (ongoing):

Complaints (resolved):

Garda Vetting Clearance:


Hard Copy

Hard Copy


Hard Copy


Hard Copy

Retention Period

3 Years

4 Years

4 Years

Until Resolved

6 Months

Until Renewed




3. Contacting Members

Member’s data shall not be given to outside agencies or individuals at any time. All members shall agree to contact from the club via e-mail regarding general meetings of the club and club functions including matches and training (when signing the annual membership form). Members shall not be contacted by the club regarding other issues unless they have specifically agreed to this type of contact and an “opt in “ option is offered.